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Is the inspirational game The Floodfun?
Steam inspirational game torrent evaluation
It is said that there has been a directional wind on steam recently, so the editor also recommends such a directional game TheFlood. This game not only combines the directional style of warmth, but more importantly, it is very inspirational, and it is free and short-term. Praised by players, is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Today, let’s take a review together.

  1. Game settings ★★★
    This game belongs to the category of directional leisure. Orientation is only possible through the route and plot set by the game independently. Players cannot choose freely. However, this game scene is set in a post-disaster aquatic world after suffering a torrent of life, mainly the story of the player on a small boat to reach the end through simple manipulation. There is no plot setting for the whole game, the process is a little slow, but the atmosphere is inspiring and the map scene is not big. You can clear the customs in five minutes.
  2. Gameplay (the game is directional, so no score is given)
    Mode ///
    Directed leisure
    The game is a directional viewing type. In this game, players will sit in a small boat and watch the pictures along the way, without any free control elements. The mode of the entire game is to enjoy the scenery along the way and to obtain a kind of peace of mind through the text emerging in the game. Unlike DEMO, which is currently produced by big manufacturers, this game is also watching, but it is among them. Healing and inspiration are the main themes.

The Directional Model of the Spring Flow of Yijiang River

Is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Steam inspirational game torrent review

How to play ///
In addition to the basic direction control keys, there is nothing special about this game. There is no free control in the whole article, just follow the river all the way down. After all, it’s free, and the focus is on the combination of music and text, which allows the player to relax. Just five minutes can give people a kind of spiritual purification.

Inspirational sense of words with music

Is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Steam inspirational game torrent review

Append ///
There are no hidden plots in the game clearance, but the highlight is that when the boat passes the designated position, some inspirational text will appear on the screen to match the music, which is just right.

  1. Game quality
    Content ★★★
    In terms of content, the overall structure of the game is relatively simple, and one main line is to follow the plot all the way to the end. This is a constant setting for directional games. But as the game said, the focus of the boat is not the end point, but the scenery along the way. After listening to a piece of text, you can relax. This is excellent for players who want to relax and rest.

Soul Chicken Soup is never out of date

Is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Steam inspirational game torrent review

Picture ★★
The content of the entire game is still in place. The center is mainly based on music and inspirational text, anthropomorphizing the scenery along the way, more humane, and expressing a picture of rebirth after the disaster. The disadvantage is that the material details are slightly rough. The processing of model details and textures is simple.

The overall picture is debatable

Is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Steam inspirational game torrent review

Control ★
In terms of control, this game does not have any settings that can be freely controlled. The only basic direction keys are for players to sit in a small boat, listen to music, watch text, and relax their mind. After all, the game is designed to be inspirational rather than operational. .

A single control is introduced at the beginning of the game

Is the inspirational game TheFlood fun? Steam inspirational game torrent review

  1. Summary
    The above is the content of the inspirational game TheFlood brought to you by this editor. Although this game is not controllable, in general, it is also highly recommended by the editor. Free to say, come here after the stressful game. Listening and relaxing are the most suitable. Come here today, see you next time!

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